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best attache case

There are snaps at both sides for keeping the lid closed but they are unlikely to hold if you put too many items into the sections. The latches may give up under abuse and extra weight. Skip to main content. Also, the case is built for light use, so the color and stitching may not hold up if you travel frequently or abuse it. It is a small size bag and does not come at a cheap price. Whether you are looking for an attache case for work, or for versatile, carry-on metal briefcase, we have a varied selection from trusted, industry-leading brands including Solo, Zero Halliburton, and T.Z. It was traditionally carried by an attaché, a diplomatic officer attached to an embassy or consulate officially assigned to serve in a particular capacity (e.g., cultural attaché; military attaché). Model . >> See BANUCE CASE pricing on Amazon <

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