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shooting a pig with a 22

So just to be safe, I would personally shoot a hog no further than 25 yards considering I have the proper setup for a clean shot. High velocity ammunition is loaded with smokeless powder loads which is expected to match the typical speed of black powder rounds. Number of slices to send: Optional 'thank-you' note: The nominal velocity of subsonic ammunition reaches below 1100 feet per second. Well, a modern sporting rifle chambered in .223 Remington , 6.5 Grendel , or 6.8 SPC will work, but it’s tough to beat something in .308 Winchester like the Smith & Wesson M&P 10. Killed a lot of wild pigs with a .22 mag. A male hog weighing the same as its female counterpart will probably have a thicker skull and skin due to the fights it has with other boars. No. Another thing to consider is that the recoil energy is very low, thus making the continuous cycling of rounds in a semi-automatic firearm unreliable. Shot placement is everything when it comes to hunting. But the pig dropped on first shot (dad still put a.38 in it because he thought I shot too low). If the pig finds out you shot him with a .22 the pig will get mad and rip you to shreds. Either way, the shot should enter the hog’s skull and into the brain where it will do some heavy damage and knock the hog out instantaneously. When shopping for these rounds, pay close attention to the nominal velocities mentioned on the boxes as every manufacturer varies in speed. The shot must be placed so that the animal is stunned, unconscious, but not dead. Good thing it was in a cage. HogHuntingForBeginners.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Use a .22 on them, anything bigger and you're risking self-injury from the exiting bullet. When you’re at the gun shop, it can be tempting to go to the ammo aisle, find the 22LR section, and pick out the cheapest box of ammo. In most cases we would recommend against using a .22 LR for hunting medium game, but since wild boar are a destructive invasive species anything that will kill them is good enough. The typical nominal speed ranges from 1120-1135 feet per second but some are manufactured to be as slow as 1070 feet per second. this is a video of my dad shooting hogs in oklahoma. For an easier target, aim right into the ear hole. Hogs and pigs have very similar anatomy to humans. It will also require patience and solid marksmanship but it is very doable. You might as well buy a pellet gun if you use this round. In the Ear: Highly effective if you have a good, solid rest and a calm pig. Because of the local I hunt my pigs I only hunt with a Ruger 10/22 in under 50yds (w/a 9mm or 44mag on my hip just incase) all my kills have resulted in drop dead where they were, shots. If you're bow hunting, it's recommended that you use the heaviest pulling weight possible to hunt pigs. For reasons that are fairly obvious, hyper velocity ammo would be my choice for hunting hogs with. Be careful with your shot placement. It might be different if he was on an island starving and only had a 22 - … This shot placement is more for large caliber rifles but if you have the right ammo and short enough distance, it’s worth attempting. Also, as long as you go with a soft tipped round, you’ll have better luck than using a hollow point. This higher pressure results in higher muzzle velocity and in the end, a more powerful shot. This 6" target is just the right size for shooting with a .22 lr pistol or rifle. I cannot emphasize enough that you must be patient and wait for the right opportunity. I watched a guy shoot a hog point blank 3-4 times with a 22 pistol once and not kill it (butching). Pigs' brains are extremely small, making the need for an accurate shot essential. With the proper ammo choice, shot distance, shot placement and firearm, it is possible to kill a hog with a 22 LR round. usually we shot behind the ear down and in toward the brain. I would rather go for the ear or between-the-eyes shot but sometimes hogs won’t ever give you the opportunity. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. You basically have two choices when firing off your 22—a pistol or a rifle. It’s going to take a little bit more planning and box-reading to find the appropriate type of ammo. When a round is discharged in a rifle, the long barrel allows a production of higher pressure. The place that I take my beef and hogs to get them processed kill them with a single shot from a.22 lr pistol, from a couple of feet. In regards to hog hunting, a rifle is the superior firearm. Posts: 19. posted 3 years ago. Shot placement is everything when it comes to hunting. If you are planning to kill hogs primarily with a 22 LR firearm, allow me to help you prepare for the task as best as possible. If you’re aiming for the lungs and shoot high you will hit the spine resulting in instant death; shoot low and you will hit the heart. Due to the 22 long rifle (LR) being such a cheap and quiet round, I have always wondered if I can kill a hog with it. The first thing you’ve got to do when butchering a pig is kill them. I wanted to quickly mention the size of hog you’ll be hunting with your 22. is more lethal than a poorly placed shot from a centerfire rifle. Of course, these trappers are shooting these hogs at point blank range, but you can still get a successful shot a few more yards out. some things are just wrong, I'm afraid this one falls right into that space. Removing the pigs’ mode of locomotion is a big bonus when it comes to anchoring pigs, while shattering the shoulder blade can convert bone fragments into secondary projectiles that further damage the lungs. This is definitely not the article to explain all that. this is a video of my dad shooting hogs in oklahoma. Don't try to experiment when you're shooting something like that with the muzzle against its … Basically, the longer barrel of your firearm, the better. 40 gr solid will break a hog down with good results. There are two reasons for this: first, the target area is very small and this problem can be exacerbated by the ‘dish’ (concave) face shape of certain breeds and in aged pigs; second, the brain lies quite deep in the head, relative to other species, with a mass of sinuses lying between the frontal bone and the brain cavity. A poorly placed shot equals a charging hog almost every time. There are several opinions as to where the best place is to shoot a hog. While the private land hunter in Texas is shooting pigs from a weather-protected blind near a timer-controlled corn feeder, the public land hunter in North Carolina or California is trying to get the drop on a bedded pig by crawling silently through nearly impenetrable brush with the breeze to his nose. This is done with a single shot from the .22 caliber rifle. Does the .223 caliber have enough mass and punching power to effectively kill a wild boar? To pull off this kind of shot, however, you have to be real close. I know may be difficult to determine the gender of a hog in the heat of the hunt, but consider it nonetheless. It is the recommended place for trappers to shoot hogs that are caught in their traps. It takes more force and breathe to shoot it out a longer straw versus a shorter one. So can you kill a hog with a 22 LR efficiently and humanely? I used the.22 and shot between the eyes, but at a bit of a down angle. The brain shot will insure a quick, humane death while minimizing the amount of blood left in the trap. There is a specific place to aim for (between the eyes, but slightly above). The only place I would dare shoot one with a.22 is behind the ear. This is personally my preferred shot selection. Shoat definition is - a young hog and especially one that has been weaned. However, you’re not killing squirrels. Now slowly run it down about an inch until you no longer feel your skull. Also consider the gender of the hog. A well placed shot to the ear will take down almost any boar roaming the forests. Step one in how to butcher a pig is to render the hog unconscious. With the proper ammo choice, shot distance, shot placement and firearm, it is possible to kill a hog with a 22 LR round. Instead of the “crack” sound that supersonic rounds make when fired, these rounds make more of “clap” sound which makes animals less likely to be spooked. Hog hunting can be a fun and exciting sport if you are properly prepared for it. No matter where you shoot it, make sure the hog drops immediately. Taking on this endeavor will be challenging but that’s the reason all of us chose to be hunters. It will also require patience and solid marksmanship but it is very doable. a 22mgnum will always do the job. Granted, it is a very small target to ask of you but it is still the sweet spot. I foolheartedly shot a hog pointblank in the face with a subsonic 22 round and it barely scratched it. Are you into serious pig control work that might involve shooting 10-20 pigs in a single outing? With a … I have personally seen 400+lb hogs drop like a stone with a single 22 round to the brain. Shotguns, compound bows or flame throwers won’t do the job. It can reach a nominal velocity over 1400 feet per second. Joan Perez. This site is owned and operated by Hog Hunting For Beginners. Lightsaber. I wouldn't shoot one with any .22 lr load on a dare. Hollow points begin to expand upon impact and with a hog’s tough skin and hard skull, you will find it difficult to take it down. 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Nice round, no recoil and easy recovery. It takes all the strength I have to cut the throat quickly even with the pig stunned by the bullet. Handgun. This will make the hog look to your direction in order for you to get a good shot. A well placed shot from a 22 mag. Pigs can be easily dispatched using a firearm chambered for .22 long rifle or larger calibers fired precisely into the brain cavity. Is the State Department Trying to Gag Gun Blogs and Forums? To get the hog to look at you, make a subtle but not alarming “whoop” sound. Pigs are among the most difficult animals to shoot. The morally preferred method of killing hogs is to use at least a .22 caliber rifle shot through the brain to kill the pig quickly and painlessly. One well-placed shot and they are down. However, you have to know where to shoot a hog with a 22 rifle. Winchester fmj are my preferance as cci is a little weaker. After the throat is cut, a pig needs to be bled out. The majority of calibers are also suitable for wild pigs (save for .22 and the 25-20 Winchester). They are typically equipped with heavy bullets which contribute to the slower velocity. An analogy to envision this concept is trying to blow a spit-wad out a straw. You’re actually going to aim about 2-3 inches right above the imaginary line between the eyes. Countless hunting articles have been published imploring hunters to switch to a bigger hunting caliber. That’s where you would shoot on a hog. Even after the pig has been shot, there are somewhere between 1 and 2 full inches of hide and fat before you reach the arteries in the neck. What I want you to do is take your finger and place it behind your ear, right on the skull. Dad was standing by with eh.38 in case it didn't work. dont try to shoot a pig with anything like a 22 short or subsonic or a cb cap!! A pellet gun is cheaper. Pigs. The average max effective range for a 22LR round is approximately 150 yards. Many hunters will include a scope for improved aim. The .22-250, .223, .224 and .204 on up to the biggest thing you want to tote all would work in the ear, too. 22's WILL NOT penetrate the skill if it's hit at the wrong angle. It is very quick and humane. Any amateur hunter knows that the closer you are to the target, the more likely you’ll hit it. Video: Hunter Instantly Drops a Wild Boar with a .22 LR, Potential World Record Black Grouper Caught in Florida, Video: Utahn Lands Insane 2,240-yard Open Sight Shots with Swiss K31 Rifle, Optimistic Craigslist Seller Looking to Unload His Taxidermy Collection for Only $110,000, Video: Bizarre Sea Creature Caught by Taiwanese Fisherman, New Hampshire Collared Moose Reach 74 Percent Calf Mortality, Company Plans to Release Sonar- and Camera-equipped “Fish Finder” Drone, Supreme Court Brushes Aside NRA Appeal to San Francisco Hollow Point Ban, Lockbox Law, Video: Predictably, This is What Happens When You Poke an Anaconda with a Stick. It is also the most accurate round but lacks penetration power. With a front facing target, the best place for the shot is the head, between the boar’s eyes and its forehead, which is where the brain is, and also in this case a well-placed shot will produce an instant kill. Better get a 22 mag. These rounds can reach a speed between 1200-1310 feet per second. I've talked with several hunters over the years who used a .22 Magnum to plunk them in the ear. Good luck! I use the Marlin 25mn myself and have had nothing but good results. Without preparation, expect to not only fail at killing the hog but risk your safety as well. Most of my pig shooting is done in areas where there are thick patches of Sifton bush or scrub where ranges are short - from 10 to 20 metres. In my opinion, the best place to place a shot is right behind the ear or on the ear. Bigger is not better, do not use a larger caliber gun, which will kill the hog instantly and it will not bleed out. This question has been debated for years. It’s been said that the hog’s thick skin and internal armor require a … to stand sileent and be considered a fool or to speak and remove all doubt . Smith & Wesson M&P 10. To date (touch wood) there hasn't been a disaster. We use a.22 rifle. For regular size hogs, high forehead angled back works fine. The 6" diameter is big enough to hit, but challenging enough to miss. Plus, it got pissed off real quick. A successful pig drop. I agree that a lung/heart shot with a 22 mag. 22 works great and has for a century. Hog size is an important factor when trying to successfully make a kill. Some will say it’s only about proper shot placement but I beg to differ. The Clean Kill: Where to Shoot a Hog. This is not something you should count on. If solely hog size determined success, I would say that it would have to weigh around 50 pounds or less to ensure round penetration. Whatever your choice of weapon when taking on a wild hog, there are a few things to understand about the troublesome, but oh so tasty, beasts. I have killed several hogs with a.22 LR ranging anywhere from 70 pounds up to 250 pounds. You’re not exactly shooting the hog right between the eyes. This is another good area to shoot a hog with a 22. I’m not just talking about penetration-wise but for accuracy’s sake as well. However, you can fit more smokeless powder in a cartridge case which means more power and faster velocities. There is a chance that a really lucky shot will work. Hogs, especially older hogs, develop tougher skin as they grow and fight other hogs, so I imagine the task of killing them with a 22 would prove quite difficult. Similar to the standard velocity ammunition, this round also uses a 40-gr solid or 36-gr hollow point lead bullet. The.22 inch rim-fire are usually used for vermin control (rats and rabbits) but can be used effectively, when loaded with the correct ammunition, to kill young cattle, horses, sheep, deer*, goats, and pigs up to 100kg, when shooting from a short distance (from 5-25cm away). If you are planning to hunt hogs with a 22LR, be patient and always have a backup plan if things go sour. For instance you can not shoot at a pig: with a .22 rifle if you are rabbit hunting on Oct. 15; with a shotgun if you are duck or quail hunting on Dec. 10; with a concealed carry gun while check traps or setting up tree stand on or waterfowl hunting from Oct. 1-Jan 15 (deer archery season). Draw an imaginary line from the base of each ear to the opposite eye and aim for the intersection of those two points. You don’t put the … If you are planning to kill hogs primarily with a 22 LR firearm, allow me to help you prepare for the task as best as possible. I know that’s what I would do. The best 22LR round for the job has to be accurate, reliable, and most importantly, fast enough to penetrate a hog’s tough outer layer. This is the quietest category of 22 LR ammo. If you stick around to the end of the video there is also a cooking segment where this hunter prepares his harvest. In fact, a 22 LR round has been recorded to have taken down a grizzle bear in 1953. However, if you’re considering shooting close to the max effective range, and you’ve watched “Shooter” starring Mark Wahlberg, you’re going to have to factor in wind, spindrift, air pressure, altitude, humidity and the Coriolis effect. This Texas hunter proved that by instantly killing an invasive wild boar with a single shot from his .22 rifle. The 3/16" thickness is light enough to make a nice ping when struck by the bullets. This Texas hunter proved that by instantly killing an invasive wild boar with a single shot from his.22 rifle. When the hog is quartering away from you, shoot right behind the front shoulder towards the hog’s “armpit.” This will be a heart shot or at least a lung shot that will take a hog down for sure. Author: Hogmanadmin | Posted: March 30, 2016 Rifle. At the same time, that hunter probably considered ammo type, shot distance, and shot placement before making the attempt. Standard velocity 22LR ammo is able to break the sound barrier and make that “crack” sound when fired. Plus, all rounds, including the 22, become less effective at a certain distance. That’s crazy! It is still possible to take a down a large hog though. I don’t have a short rifle like a lever-action carbine, but I do own a pump-action shotgun which I’ve been using with buckshot with reasonable success. When you blow through the longer straw, it results in a faster flying projectile. How to Butcher a Pig. Goats ain't wild pigs, and you'll be shooting those at point-blank range, right against the forehead. Bow. He uses a .22 rifle at a point between, and slightly above, the eyes with the barrel about 1" from the head - so virtually point blank range - and the pig quite literally falls into the feeding dish. Pigs are an interesting sort, no doubt they can be hard to kill but shouln’t be. You’re killing hogs. The larger the hog, the more challenge you’ll have, even if you’re shooting at a larger target. Think about this. This is probably the most common sense factor of all of them.

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